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Carbon neutral is a carbon neutral organisation certified by switzerland. We full offset all our greenhouse gas emission (airplane, boat, helicopter and car).


Free animals

All animals which appear in the photos on this site were born and live in total freedom. will not take and will thus never publish any photos of animals in captivity. is carbon neutral certified by



No paper policy

We operate a no-paper policy. Everything is done electronically. All our expositions and books are only digital. We never print our photos. 


Boycott dirty companies

We not licensing and not authorize the most environmental destructive companies to use our photos. You can read the list of companies boycotted by here


Green hotels and least polluting hire cars

We always try to choose hotels which are making an effort to help the environment and we try to choose the smallest and least polluting hire cars available. For short distance we prefer the train or boat to the airplane.


Green server carbon neutral

Electricity used to power our website is guaranteed to be 100% of hydraulic production, our server using «low voltage» technology (=lower energy consumption) and all the web host datacenter (manufacture and disposal of the servers, energy used, air conditioning fluid, etc...) is fully carbon neutral (full offset all CO2).


Rechargeable batteries

For all our electronic equipment we use only rechargeable batteries.